Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 299

I know I was supposed to write the blog yesterday itself. But I couldn’t do that. I began my day after having breakfast at the hotel and went to have the trip of Washington. I went to the Capital building in the starting. Its American Parliament. In other words its senate house where all the representatives of people make amendments and laws. I had many photographs of that place. The entire are is known as Capitol which includes many museums and government offices. Actually it took three hours to just have the glimpse of every museum there. There was a McDonald’s outlet there in that area where I had my lunch. The interesting part was that there were many small birds and a squirrel. Whenever I threw a piece of French Fries towards the squirrel and it caught. Then the squirrel was having the French Fries with its front legs. It was really amazing. I immediately took a snap of the squirrel from my camera. Then I went to White House. But due to the security reasons there were a lot of restrictions on the movement of the vehicles and public. This restriction has been imposed after September 11, 2001. But there is a place on the street where you can have a glimpse of the White House. There were many visitors there, who were taking snaps of each other. After having the snaps, I went to the Lincoln Memorial. It’s a building where there is a huge statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting on a chair. From there the Washington Memorial was visible. As a matter of fact, the Washington Memorial is visible form the Capital also. It’s a 3 miles stretch from Capital to the Washington Memorial. After Lincoln Memorial, I went to hotel Double Tree owned by Hilton group.
After having some rest, I went to have a bath. I don't know but I was very much feeling hot. In India, I used to have hotter temperature and more sweat but yesterday I really felt hot. After having the bath, I felt refreshed. This is the thing which I never did in the last one year. No matter how much I sweated but I never took bath in the evening. After having bath, I dressed up and went out to have a walk on the streets. Before walking my friend took snaps of mine in the front of the hotel. Then we walked about a mile when we found a restaurant. It was having the all Indian food in the Indian style. The restaurant was a self service hotel where I had to pay first. We ordered chicken biryani. My friend proffered to have cheek peas curry along with the chicken biryani and I took lamb curry. The biryani was really delicious. But unfortunately, I got seven seeds of imli in my biryani. The biryani consisted of long grain rice and four to five medium chicken pieces. I really enjoyed every grain of the biryani. Then we walked back to the hotel. When we were on the streets, we came across people of approximately every nationality. Something quiet different from Orangeburg in South Carolina. Here people don’t greet each other like in Orangeburg but who cares. Everyone is happy in his or her private space. I think it is because of that everyone in the Washington is having a busy life. Actually I was told that Washington is having the total area of just 11 square miles. The majority of the staffs working in various government departs are living in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is just 100 miles from Washington. At one side, Washington is surrounded by Arlington, Virginia. I don't remember the city at the side of Washington.
In short I would only say that trip to Washington was the best part of the American visit of mine. I really enjoyed the every moments I have lived here in Washington. 

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