Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 289

Today, I was going through the internet edition of the daily English newspaper in India. One of the articles was about Abu Jundal. It was clearly stated that Abu Zundal was given high state immunity in Pakistan. His home address mentioned in his passport was near the Lashkar headquarter in Pakistan. Abu Zundal was having close relations with the top Lashkar masterminds as well as the Pakistani army and ISI. According to the report, Zundal was sent to Saudi Arabia to brainwash Indian citizens going for Haj or working in Saudi Arabia. But as usual, the Pakistani administration has denied this. Of course, the Pakistani administration has reason for this. Their reason is that they don't want to accept those facts which will clearly prove that Pakistan is the heaven for all those persons who want to spread terrorism again India. Actually according to me, Pakistani administration is playing dual game.
On the one hand, Pakistani administration is sending terrorists to India after giving training to them and one the other hand, as usual they deny it. Now the Indians are not surprised after the Pakistani denial. On the contrary, some sections in Pakistan are blaming India that India isn’t focusing on the peace talk. India is just focusing on the terrorism issue. According to me, the second part of the Pakistani dual game is that they are recruiting Indian Muslims and targeting them to work against India. Pakistani officers are luring poor Indian Muslims to come to Pakistan either by giving huge amount of money or by promising them high social status in Pakistan. After cracking Indian Muslims, Pakistani officers are making them terrorists after giving training to those Indian Muslims.
It’s a long term plan of Pakistan. In worst case, when the entire world fingers towards Pakistan as the safe ground of terrorists then at that time, Pakistan could say that all the terrorists were Indians not Pakistani. Here few things are bothering me. For example, how much proofs do the UN requires declaring Pakistan as a terrorist country? Why can’t India invade Pakistan in name of search of the terrorists camps in Pakistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir?
We have sufficient proofs against Pakistan. When America can invade Iraq and Afghanistan to stop terrorism then why can’t India? Until some military action is being taken by India, Pakistan is not going to stop all the terrorist activities. The other option for India is to seek the help of UN. India has enough proofs to prove its point. I don't know what’s wrong in the high level at UN. Is it waiting for more innocent Indians to die?

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