Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 291

I’m back again after having a break of five days. In these five days, I admit that I haven’t done anything. I wanted to write but due to lack of concentration and lack of enthusiasm to write, I was just spending my time in other works. But I can’t divert myself from writing totally. It’s like that whether you love me or you hate me, I’ll be writing again and again.
I would like to pay tribute to the veteran Bollywood actor Late Dara Singh. He was really a fine actor who has entertained us since1952. But I want to remember him not only as an actor but he was one of the best wrestlers India has ever seen. He went to Singapore in 1947 and become the champion of Malaysia in Indian style wrestling. In 1952, he returned to India and won the title of Indian champion and n 1954, he become Rustam-e-Hind. Dara Singh was an active wrestler till 1983 when he announced his retirement. He was an active wrestler for the 36 years. With wrestling, he was active in the film industry also. And how can one forget his character as Hanuman in the television version of Indian epic, Ramayana. He played the legendary character in such a nice way that people have said that they haven’t seen the Lord Hanuman but he would be looked like the Hanuman played by Dara Singh.
It would be very less to say something about him. It’s like the Hindi proverb that more and more you say for him the less it is for him. This is really true for a person like Dara Singh. I would simply pray that may God rest his soul in peace.

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