Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 297

Couple of days back, I logged in to my Facebook account. There was a link on which it was stated to share it. Many of my friends have shared it. It contained a clip about Mr Ratan Tata’s denial of selling 308 Tata Tempos to Pakistan. The reason given by Mr Ratan Tata about this denial was that his company doesn’t want to have any kind of business and business transaction with the country which is a safe house of terrorists. The country which gives shelter and training to terrorists and send them to India for destruction. At the last of the clip, it was stated that the business isn’t done merely for the profit or loss. Business should have some ethics and morals also.
I agree with Mr Ratan Tata and salute him for his decision. In my view, Mr Tata has done extremely right. With his single message, he has made two statements. First statement that there should be no business deals and transaction with Pakistan, who always sends terrorists for destruction in India. Second statement that there should be some ethics and morals in the business. Profit making isn’t the only aim in the business. We should ignore the morals and ethics in the business.
I have written a lot of posts regarding Pakistan and its menace against India. But again and again this issue crops up in some way or another. Some people still believe that we should have friendly nature with Pakistan. But who says that Pakistan should have the same relation with us? I think no one. There had been a lot of cultural programmes to develop the friendship between the two nations. But at the end of the day, India has been betrayed by Pakistan. In 1999, the then Indian Prime Minister, Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee, went on a bus to Pakistan for friendship and in return we witnessed Kargil war. If this is the return then why should we expect Pakistan to change its stand? India should take some military action against Pakistan. There should an end to terrorists coming to India from Pakistan and killing innocent Indians.
I remember there has been a programme named ‘Aman ki Aasha’ where two major media houses come together to have a series of mutual cultural programmes to enhance the friendship between the two countries. I think there hasn’t been honesty from Pakistani side. So what’s the use of such programmes when the Pakistan‘s army and ISI are planning, giving training to terrorists to India for killing innocent Indians? 

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