Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 281

Today I felt very sad. Instead of repeated asking for the comments of readers, I’m getting none. So disappointing and so ridiculous. Well, today I was busy in my work. I completed the work of data entry and informed my boss that I would like to leave as I was feeling hungry. Since my friend has come, we are preparing the food at the apartment only. At least it’s much better to cook the food at the apartment rather than having the limited American food. I’m not describing the American food as bad but majority of the items are beef and pork. I don't eat beef and pork and the chicken item is very limited. Many things are alien for me. I tried few things but I didn’t found the taste as per the taste of the Indian food. It was about quarter past four in the evening when we sat to have our lunch. After lunch, we had rest of about an hour. Then we went to the class. The class was fine. We came to know about an assignment. We tried a lot but were unable to find the right answers to the questions. We are still searching the internet to find the answers. Otherwise, we have to meet to professor tomorrow to get the extension. I hope he will give the extension. 

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