Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 267

According to me, living alone is the biggest punishment one can get. I’m getting the same punishment. It’s not like that I haven’t made any friend in America. I do have friends. But they are living in their own houses. Cell phone is the only medium through which I can be in touch with them. But I have no one to live with me in my apartment here. That’s making my life hell. Basically weekends are off in America. So there was no official work or class for me today. It’s true that I wake up late in the morning. Turned on my laptop and logged in the social networking site called Facebook. I spend couple of hours there before getting ready. After getting ready, I went to the cafeteria of the university to have my brunch. Then I went to the same shop which is owned by another Indian. I had informal chat with him while buying beers and snacks from his store.  Then I came back to my apartment. I called my friends back in India. That time I felt really good. Talking to friends after three weeks. That was really nice. Then I talked to couple of friends more. After that, I watched various videos of YouTube. It was just to kill the time. No companion to talk with makes life a hell. Due to the time difference, when it was early evening then it was late night in India. I couldn’t call any of my friends in spite of being in mood to call them. So to get rid of the boredom I went to that shop again and bought beers again. Then I remembered that today I haven’t written anything on the blog. So I’m writing my blog along with having a can of beer with me. But I’m really disappointed to see no comments on the previous posts of my blog. Sometimes it really gets me angry on those who were regular in writing comments. But I hope that they have read this and I’m sure that they will write the comment very soon. 

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