Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 278

Its time for me to write my blog. Actually today I wasn’t in mood to write the blog. But suddenly I realised that I don't have any reason to skip in writing the blog. Why should I skip this? In the last month, I have skipped a lot. Even after coming to America, I have skipped once. But it would be good if I keep at skipped once only. That’s my target and intention. But I’m forced to remember one proverb that “Man proposes and God disposes.” Here my intention is not to blame God for any further skip. There may be some incidences in future where I couldn’t write anything in spite of being in mood to write.
Anyway, coming to the point, I was free in afternoon after coming from office. My friend, Tausif and I were making plans to go to Wall Mart to buy grocery items as our stock was going to be out of stock. My plan was to call the Dean of the university so that he could take us to some Indian grocery shop in Columbia as I know that there is no Indian grocery store in Orangeburg. But the Dean called me in the morning and he told me that he will be here in Orangeburg on Monday. Then in afternoon, I called the Director. He got ready and in evening he came to my apartment to take us to the Wall Mart. He came at the scheduled time. We went to Wall Mart and bought the necessary items. Then we went to a bar. There we had drinks and came back to my apartment. But its not like I’m drank. I think the climatic condition of America is totally different from India because still after having the drinks I’m quite normal. When I used to drink in India then my condition used to be of totally drunk. But in America, I’m quite normal. In India, I couldn’t have written the post for my blog but here in America, I’m writing all these things with full concentration. Anyway, I’m not arguing about the drinks and its side effects. I’m just comparing the difference. I think tomorrow I can write another post on this. I think I have got another topic to write for tomorrow.
I know that someone is reading my posts. I just need feedback from him. I know I’m writing about my daily routine. But I need feedback about the error in my writing style. I would really appreciate the feedback on my writing style.

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