Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 282

I have come back from class just now. Well I didn’t enjoy the work at office. It’s not like that I’m getting bored. I didn’t enjoy my work at home because I didn’t found the required data which I was finding. So I couldn’t concentrate much on work. I came back to my apartment at the usual time. Then had lunch and had a small nap. Don't know why but today I felt sleepy in day time. This is very rare phenomenon. But in evening, I really enjoyed the class. It was fun.
But there is something missing. I’m missing the content for writing. I need something to write. But I’m missing the topics like my older posts where I used to enjoy writing. I really don't know what had happened to me after coming to America. I have simply lost the grip over my writing. Daily I made my mind to write something different or something new. But I end up by writing my daily schedule. That’s why I missed to write the blog this Sunday because ultimately I found that I was writing the daily schedule only. So please help me out. 

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