Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 286

Sometimes it happens that one decide to create something. A feeling of happiness comes in one’s self. But when one really wants to start something new then his mind looses all the directions and one gets confused what to do next? Suddenly the mental block becomes the barrier of the creativity. Same thing is with me today. I was fully determined to write something different today. But as I sat down to write, I found that I don't have any idea about writing. I don't want to write about the daily routine. I want something different. But thanks to you people, I’m not getting any direction. Now it’s hopeless to say anything to you people about writing comments. I’m not sure whether you people are reading my posts on the blog or not.
This is the disadvantage of technology. If I say that its disadvantage of internet then it would be more appropriate. Through internet, a person can access anything. A person can entertain himself or herself, can be in contact with friends, can access the articles and search any detail of any topic to enhance the knowledge. But there are few disadvantages also. Just take the example of you and me. I write every post on the blog with this thought that you will read my post and give comment to me. But I don't know that whether you are reading it or not. The physical distance isn’t there in reading the things which I write but physical monitoring isn’t there. Absence of your comments is converting my doubt in believe that none of readers is reading my blog now.
I know few people are there who really give comments on the posts. But they are also silent these days. I know that they accessing the internet but have forgotten my blog. Otherwise its not possible that they won’t comment on any of the post or won’t mail be asking about the gap in the posts. Its sure now that I have lost all the readers which I used to have earlier. But still, I’m writing. This has become my habit now. Now I treat my blog as my online diary. I don't write my dairy daily. But I write when I really want to write. But the most painful thing is that I have lost the readership. It’s really a sad thing for me. 

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