Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 78

Its celebration time! You must be wondering that what has happen to me. Still the recession period is going on. There was bad time in Indian Software Company after the fall out of Satyam Company. And still I’m saying that its celebration time. But believe me, its celebration time. Now you will wonder how? Then let me ask you one question. Do we need any excuse to celebrate? I don’t think so. We have such a beautiful excuse with us. We have our life. Why can’t we make our life a reason to celebrate? It’s not necessary that we need certain day or certain occasion to celebrate. We can make everyday of our life a day to celebrate. And it’s necessary to do that. Well when a human being is in the mood of celebration, then he is very energetic, enthuastic and in positive mind set. And with this positive mindset, a person can do constructive work. And when a person do any constructive work then people around him or her praises the good work done by that person. So to be happy and doing constructive things we need to celebrate each and every day. And it’s not a bad thing to stay happy everyday. It helps in reducing stress. And if you are happy then the people around you will be happy. So to spread happiness and to do constructive work, we have to start from today itself. And celebrating life is not a tough job. We just have to think in the morning that today is happy day. It’s a lucky day for me. Just a small change in thinking can be useful to change the way of looking to others and way of looking to the problems. When you are happy then you want to solve all your problems. Actually it depends on your thinking. If you think that any problem can come and can destroy your happiness then you have to increase your will power. You have to think that there is no problem which can’t be solved. And you have to keep your spirit of happiness high so that the problems don’t even come half mark of that also. If you have the mindset that the problem in front of you is not going to hamper the spirit of happiness in you then just keep that spirit with you. Move forward and solve that problem in such a way that the problem never returns back to you. So start celebrating life from today itself and keep smiling.

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