Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 71

Today I am not going to write anything on a specific topic. Today again I am in mood to write the thoughts coming in my mind. Actually I was thinking about life and death. Exactly what do you think about death. Is it the the end point of the life? Or is it a phase of interval between two lives? What is it? Well, I think that it's a phase of interval between two lives. Many people will not accept my thinking to be the suitable thought. But I think in that way. According to me, when a soul leaves a body then that body is dead. We do the last rituals of that body according to the religion we are following. But no body thinks about the soul. In every holy book it's said that the soul never dies. But no body thinks about the soul. All things that the soul will go to heaven or will get the suitable reward by the God for the acts it did when it was in the body. But I differ from others at this point. I think that death is a interval time for the soul. It takes rest before going into another body. So, I think that death is not the end of the life. It's the beginning of another life. The soul will come back in another form. We are not aware of that. My theory can be looking like a complicated or complex thinking or philosophy. But this is what the way I see the life and death. It's not necessary that you have to agree with me but this can be one of the possibilities about the soul? Many times, I have thought that what happens to the soul after the death? Does it really goes to the heaven or the hell, according to the acts it did when it was in a body? I didn't get answer for that but I get this concept that death is not the end of the life. It's a interval or break for the soul to start new journey in a new body. Because none of us has seen the soul and none of us knows that what happens to soul after it leaves the body. And after leaving a body, it goes in some another body. And there had been many cases of reincarnation. Many people do remember about their previous life. They know that what they were in their previous life. I am not talking about the reincarnation. It's just a point to explain my thought. If the soul goes to the heaven or hell, then how do those people do remember everything about their past lives? And whatever they have told or use to tell, are the true facts. So, it can be said that the death is not the end of life. We use to say that the death is the end of the life because the body with which we are attached is not going to work anymore. We have some sentimental attachment with that body that's why we think like that. But it can be seen in another context also. Death comes to a body and the soul leave it to start a new journey.

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