Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 73

Its very tough to write sometimes. There are a lot of things happening around us but still I can't write upon those issues. There are certain things which I want to say but don't know how to express them. In short, I'm struggling to write again. The recent turnmoil of Satyam Software has created a shocking wave across the country. The ex-chairman of Satyam Software, R Raju, has accepted the irregularity of Rs 7000 crores. Now that's a big amount. And I was wondering that how he showed the 3% growth to the growth beyond 20% growth in a quarter. Now the Registrar of Companies in Hydrabad is investigating in all the bank records and the finanicial statements of Satyam. I want to know that why wasn't it scrutnised earlier? Why wasn't all these things been checked earlier by the authorities? Why it always happens that the government officials wake up after these frauds and scams takes place? And most importantly the shares of Satyam is been transfered but no one knows that who is the buyer of those shares? Approximately 30 crore shares have been traded but still every one is clueless about the owner of these shares. Is it starting of any other scam? Is something bigger happening behind the scene? All these has to be watched now before its too late. I think we are not ready to have one more economic scandal when the economy is going upwards with snail's pace after the world economic downfall.

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