Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 80

Before I write anything let me wish all the Indians a very HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY. Now let me start. It’s been a long time that I have written any post on the blog. But what to do? I was not in the mood to bore you people from writing any extempore. Just writing is not my aim. Writing something constructive or useful or something worthy to read is my aim. I am not a professional writer. I don’t have much vocabulary with me. And I often make some grammatical errors also. But in spite of all these shortcomings, I want to write. There are many things on which I want to write but I don’t get the proper idea or I lose the right direction somewhere in the middle. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to start also. The same thing was happening with me. Even today also, it has happened with me. But today, I thought I should write. Write about my short comings and all the errors which I often commit. Because when I started writing on the blog, I thought that I’ll be getting comments on my writing style and the errors which I’m making. But this dream hasn’t turned into reality yet. Never mind. It’s not necessary that you will always get what you desire. The same thing has happened with me. But still, I’m happy. Because I know and I’m having the hope that someday, anyone of you will do this. I don’t know when? But I’m having the hope. You can say that I’m talking like an optimistic. Then let it be in that way. And having a positive thinking is not at all bad. It works. And it’s good to have positive mind set. After all, positive mindset gives a constructive output. And we need to have some constructive work in the present time.

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