Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 72

I was busy so I wasn't able to write anything on the blog. I tried to write anything despite being busy but didn't get any idea to write anything. Even right now, I don't have anything in my mind. But finally I have decided to write anything. Anything which comes in the mind. Actually I was written many things on the current issues but it seems that my comments didn't created much awarness as I was expecting. Maybe there was some drawbacks in my writing. I think there wasn't more attractivness or punches in that. But I wrote those comments in the simple manner. Next time, I'll have this in mind. Because I am sure that the politicians of our country will give some reasons to speak against them. I have full faith on them regarding this issue. But sometimes I wonder that why we become so much weak while dealing with Pakistan? We have the evidences about the Mumbai attack. We all know that it was master minded by Pakistan but still we are having talks with the Pakistani government. They are saying that all the evidences are fabricated by the Indian authorities. The situation is like that a thief has come in our home and is being caught. Now we are begging the thief to accept the fact that he entered our home and the thief is refusing that. I think this is really ridiculous. Instead of taking some strict actions like attacking the terrorists camps in Pakistan, we are just giving Pakistan more time to hide all the terrorists at some other places. We have been hearing the same answer from our leaders that we believe in non violence. But to defend to defend the country we have to get violent. And now the world is believing the evidences which we have given to Pakistan. Instead of attacking Pakistan we are just sitting. Israel attacked on Gaza strip when it came to know that Hamas terrorists are there in the area controlled by Palestine. We all know that majority of the terrorists camps are located in Pakistan occupied Kashmir then why aren't we are attacking those camps. When Pakistan can send the terrorists to destroy India, can't we destroy the camps which are there making more and more terrorists to attack us. Indian Army should do something to stop all this because the Indian politicians are not going to do anything.

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