Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 77

Now I understand that why the Pakistan is denying every charge and the proofs which India is presenting. Actually Pakistan is buying the time. It wants to buy the time just to have support from China. By the support, I didn’t mean the diplomatic support but the military support. Actually China is making and supplying many fighter planes for the Pakistani Air Force. China is giving full support to Pakistan in cover of defusing the tension India and Pakistan. China has deployed two warships and a supply ship in the Gulf of Aden. China is showing its presence in the Indian Ocean by this act. And it has told the world community that China is doing these things in the cover to take actions against the international piracy. But the truth is something different. All these things are done to help Pakistan only. And there are many people who think that in 1998, India forced Pakistan to test its nuclear power. But the reality is something different. It was China, who had done the test of nuclear missiles, in May 1990, on its main land. China told the world that these tests were for the peaceful use. But in reality all were nuclear missiles designed for Pakistan. And those missiles were given to Pakistan after the tests. So the nuclear test conducted by India in 1998, were for the self defence. Otherwise just imagine the situation during the Kargil war. What would have been the situation at during that war? Pakistan equipped with nuclear missiles and India doesn’t have any nuclear weapon to defend itself. And in the present situation also, Pakistan is looking towards China for the military aids. Top military officer led a delegation to China when India was giving evidences. China has promised to give many aids for the Pakistani military. So, now its time to act for India. If Pakistan is planning and preparing itself for any military action then India should also do the same. Both, China and Pakistan, are united in the diplomatic war against India. And China is giving full support to Pakistan in this issue. Now our ministers and leaders should be aware that Pakistan can do anything like Kargil to destabilise the peace in our country. So, it’s better to get ready and prepare ourselves before it’s too late.

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