Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 199

Hi friends. I’m back. I know it has been aeon since I wrote my last blog. There were few incidences which have kept me on the run. Inability to access internet was one of them. But now it gives me a pleasure to interact with you once again. Well today’s topic is Anna effect in India. The way in which Anna Hazaare has created a political stir in India is something which I really appreciate. This is just the initiative to curb the corruption in India. Passing the Lokpal bill is just a constitutional thing. Any law can’t be enforced in any country until and unless the citizens of that country pledge to follow that law to the word. The fast of Anna Hazaare was followed by candle lit march and procession across the country by the people. Now all the Indians have to take a pledge that they won’t give bribe to any one. Then only the fast and the agitation of Anna Hazaare will bear the fruit. Taking out the possession or the candle lit march isn’t a solution. The solution is to stop giving bribe to all the government official and politicians for having the personal gain.  So if you really want to make Anna’s effort worthy then stop giving bribe.

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