Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 198

Couple of days back, I was surfing the net. Then I went to a link from where I got few facts. Around $1.4 trillion is deposited in Swiss bank. Now you will ask that what’s the big deal in this. A reputed bank can have more than this amount of money. But if I say that $1.4 trillion is the black money deposited in Swiss bank by corrupt Indian politicians, govt officials and industrialist, then a slow whistle will come out of your mouth. But it’s a fact. The money which was supposed to be used in the country’s development has been stashed in Swiss bank. The amount stashed there is equal to 40% of India’s GDP. Now you can think that what could it do when this money is brought back to India, then what can be done? It’s going to grow the infrastructure and providing basic amenities to many villages. But the politicians and govt officials are not bothered about country’s development. They are much bothered about increasing their bank balance. And more surprisingly, the Indian government is aware of this. But the government isn’t saying or doing anything to stop this crime. Yes, it’s a crime to put the public’s money in a private account. That money is for the welfare of the society. That money isn’t meant for the welfare of the corrupt politicians and govt officials.
And what’s more surprising is that Indian government is trying to suppress the movement against corruption. I think that the Indian government should fearlessly work for suppressing the corruption instead of suppressing the movement against it. I don’t understand that why the government is trying to save the corrupt politicians and govt officials who are taking away the common man’s money? Is there any scandal much bigger than 2G spectrum? If not, then the government should bring the black money back to the country. It’s going to benefit the government also. Because $1.4 trillion is 13 times larger than India’s foreign debt. Instead of bringing the black money back, the government is allowing the inflation to grow. I think this is the most unpractical thing which the government is applying. $1.4 trillion can get the country rid of the foreign debt. It can be use to generate the reserve for the oil price. That could stabilise the oil and cooking gas price stable. 

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