Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 197

The results of class 10th and class 12th are out now. Boys have been beaten by girls again. Girls have emerged as the top scorers. It’s time for celebration for all successful students. But there is one more side of results. And that’s very painful. Suicides. Yes, suicides. Young girls and boys commit suicide when they get failure or doesn’t get the expected scores in the examination. I wonder that is the examination going to become a system of life and death. Does the failure mean death? If yes, then what’s the use of this very examination? Sometimes, I think that examination has become a death trap. If you score well then you will get appraisals. And if you fail then suicide. Whom we blame for this bad system? Is it the system? Or the pressure which is given to students? If its pressure then who gives pressure to the minds of students of age 15 to 17? Is it the school? Or society? Or parents? Who is responsible for this?

Every year, many students across the country commit suicide due to this examination phobia. I think this should be avoided. There should be no pressure to excel on students. After all, marks are not so much important as compared to the life of a human being? Many students hang themselves. Many consume poison. And many students end their lives by coming in front of the running train or bus? Why this pressure is given to them that lead to their death? Why isn’t something done to stop this evil? Many intellectual, school forums and parent’s organisations are suggesting the steps to eliminate this system of examination pressure. Here I want to ask a question. Why isn’t a single plan or strategy is been formulated to end these suicides? How many lives will be taken in the name of examination pressure? Is there anyone listening to me?

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