Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 86

I know that I am not so much regular in writing the posts as I used to be. And I have promised also to be regular now. But every time I am able to fulfil my promise. I really want to write at least one post per day but some circumstances are there due to which I am not able to do. Sometimes, the old reason is there that I don’t have any idea what to write. I know you might be thinking that every time I am giving you the excuse. But this is a truth. Another reason of being not been regular is that sometimes I have a topic to write upon but I don’t get any words to write upon. I have the theme but don’t have proper words to explain that. So these two are the main reasons for been irregular on the post writing. And it seems that you people are also not missing me so much. That’s why you are not writing any comments also. Since starting I’m telling you people to post your comments. That’s the thing which I’m missing. Sometimes, no comment from your side makes me feel bad. I think that what the use of writing today is. No one is there to read out my posts and to write comments on it. And seriously speaking, that making my writing going down and down. And this is the third factor of been irregular on the blog. You can’t do anything in the first two reasons but the third one is in your own hands. Write something as comments. I need to know your thoughts about the topics I write, the way in which I write. At least, you can lead me out of depression which I get after seeing no comments on the posts when I think to write something. Let me tell you the truth that no comment coming from your side is making me to write less and less.

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