Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 85

Sometimes writing on anything becomes very easy. But it’s very tough when you don’t have any topic to write. It’s tough when you want to write but you don’t have any topic to write. You always keep trying to write something. Same thing happens to me very often. Without aim you can’t write anything. Well, I think that without aim you can’t do anything. You got to have some aim for any work. To live also you need an aim. Without you can’t move a single step in your life? So an aim is an important thing in your life. It’s my thinking that everyone has some aim in their lives. I also have an aim in my life. I want to become famous. I want to be rich. I want to be a good writer. So this is the aim which I’m having. And I want to achieve this. And to get this I have to work. My aim has now become a motivation for me. So, there is some aim in your life also. Something which you want to have in your life, for which you really work hard. And sooner or later, you achieve your aim. At that time, you feel happy. At least, you have achieved something. And that happiness is beyond explanation in words. Few things are there which are beyond explanation in words. But life doesn’t come to a stand still. After achieving the aim, you should have another aim. You shouldn’t make your life aimless. Because it’s the aim which makes your life engaged.

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