Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 83

I know that it’s a long time that I have written. Actually this is the common phenomenon now. This time, the issue wasn’t about what to write? The issue was whether to write or not? I took three days to decide over it and now I’m here to write it. Actually I was about to write on 14th Feb., itself. The whole world is now celebrating Valentine’s Day on 14th Feb. but I don’t see this day as a day of love. For me, this day has become a day of international consumer day. Yes, Consumer Day. People around the globe are just crazy to give some gifts for those whom they love. Now I want to ask few questions to them. Is it necessary to give gift on a particular day to your loved ones just to show your love and affection to them? Why can’t you do this everyday? And is it compulsory to give gifts to your loved ones? According to me, the answer is no. I’m not protesting against Valentine’s Day as some cheap political parties are doing just to have some publicity. As an individual, I’m asking these questions. I don’t think so that we have to copy everything that’s happening in the western countries. I’m advocating that why can’t we celebrate love daily in our life? Why can’t we love our loved ones daily as we do on Valentine’s Day? Actually, these things has been marketed by the companies based in western countries so that people will buy cards, soft toys or any gift item for each other so that they can make money out of that. This is pure marketing and sales of emotions. And I’m against the marketing and sales of Love. Love is an emotion which can’t be bought in any market. It is the thing which is felt between two individuals. Can you put a price tag on the smile on the face of your loved ones? No, you can’t. So instead of celebrating love for a single day, celebrate it for your entire life. Instead of making one day in a year Valentine’s Day make everyday of your life Valentine’s Day.

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