Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 217

The election phase in Uttar Pradesh has begun. With the voting day coming near, the report of CAG is exposing a lot of new scandals. The latest one is in the health department. I was watching the television last night while having the dinner. During the channel surfing, I came across a news channel. The news was shown about the alleged scandal of Rs 21000 Crores in the health department. The CAG report has included the present Chief Minister Ms Mayawati as well the former Chief Minister Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav. Today morning, I was reading the newspaper. It was full of the election news along with the scandal news on the front page. It stated that for the constructions of health centres like community hospitals and for the purchase of medicines and medical equipments, Rs 944 Crores were spent. But at the present moment, all those community hospitals and mini clinics are being used for the storage of potatoes, cattle fodder and other things. Many community hospitals have been claimed as earthquake resistant but in reality the scene is something different. There are cramps in the roof and tiles are being coming out from the floor.
I was thinking that where all the money has gone? This is the condition of the functioning of the government for the betterment of the people. A simple machine for measuring blood pressure which would cost Rs 550 in the general market where bought for Rs 2500. It means at the cost of 5 BP machines only 1 BP machine was purchased. Where has the rest of the money gone? It’s obvious that the money has gone in the pocket of the medical superintendent, middle man and the ministers and politicians involved in this. But no one is there is resist all these corrupt practises.
The problem behind all these corrupt practises is the lack of awareness amongst the mass. The public doesn’t know about the wastage of their money which they give in the form direct and indirect taxes. And the lack of some strict laws is one of the other reasons due to which these corrupt people are free to do all the corrupt practises. Take for example, the fodder scam in Bihar. It was unearthed in 1996. But the court gave its verdict in 2012. A long gap of 16 years. And only 61 out 72 were convicted. Out of 11 accused, 3 were dead in the course of trial. And the maximum sentence awarded was maximum of 5 years. In my view, some strict laws should be made in light of giving a good message to others that the corrupt practises will not be tolerated. 

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Mrinmoy said...

I don't think that only strict law would be able to eradicate this kind of corrupted politician..For that we the people of India have we wake up..As I said in your earlier post that the Politicians are not the only culprits, we are also responsible for this.So unless and until we realize the importance of corruption free country nothing is going to happen.

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