Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 220

Right now, I’m on the way back to my house. The train is on schedule and I’m just feeling lonely so I thought to write something. Well, I was going through the comments of previous posts. I read the comment by my friend, Mr KK. KK, I’m really disappointed by your view. Although its true that you are my most valuable and most charming friend but I know that it’s not your view. Someone else has feed this in your mind. Never mind. I’m directly coming to the point. Well, I don’t think that corruption and efficiency goes hand in hand. If your hypothetical theory is right then my dear friend, India must be the number one country in the world in matter of efficiency. Because the amount of bribe which is being deposited in Swiss bank by corrupt politicians, government officials and businessmen are sufficient enough to run the country without any taxes for 25 years. Now how is that? But what we have in reality? India is at the bottom line in the Human Resource Index, amongst the last 5 out of 187 countries. 2.3 million People are going to bed having their stomach empty everyday. Malnutrition and untimely death of mothers and children at the time of delivery is a major concern.
So if I agree with your hypothetical theory then we must bribe to get rid of all this problems. Because until and unless these problems are solved our country can’t be an efficient one. According to a recent survey, India is at the 9th position amongst the corrupt nations. And about which efficiency you are talking about? You haven’t cited any example or gave any fact to support your theory. So I strongly reject your hypothetical theory. Efficiency is determined on the basis of hard work and right direction. So I would like to say that discard your hypothetical theory. 

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