Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 212

Today morning, I was reading newspaper. There was an article in the middle page which caught my attention. The starting of the article was about the comparison between the chief ministers of two neighbouring states. Ironically both of them were union railway minsters in two different governments. I’m talking about Mr Nitish Kumar and Ms Mamata Banerjee. Both of them have done miracle in Bihar and West Bengal respectively. Mr Nitish Kumar has changed the very image of Bihar everywhere. Now the investors from all over the world are interested in investing in Bihar. Now Bihar is on verge of becoming one of the leading states in India. But Mr Kumar has to go a long way. Still there are many good works which he has to do in the state. Although, his critics and the opposition parties are attacking Mr Kumar’s working style but the people are looking towards him as an honest and working chief minister. He has a mass appeal in him and he has got the support of the mass which is a positive sign for him.  Mr Kumar took the rein when the state was in very bad shape. The state was divided in two parts. All the minerals and industries went to Jharkhand. All was left in Bihar was only the Ganga plane. The law and order wasn’t good. The image of Bihar wasn’t good for other states. But in his first tenure, he changed the bad image a lot. That’s why people voted for him for the second consecutive time.
Like wise Ms Mamata Banerjee has uprooted the Left rule in West Bengal. Left party was ruling the state for more than three decades. It’s only the charisma of Ms Banerjee that she took the rein from them and she is trying to bring the state on the track of change. She needs time to change it. There are many problems in West Bengal also. For example the demand of autonomous body of Gorkhaland, infiltration of Bangladeshis in India. These are only couple of examples she is facing now. It will be very early for me to say anything. But I hope that her charisma will work to change the state like Mr Nitish Kumar did in Bihar. 

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Mrinmoy said...

Yes I think Ms Mamta Banerjee has the penitential to transform the state into one of the leading states of India.But it may take some time..SO let us w8 and see..

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