Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 208

Today I’m remembering the dialogue of Madhawan from his movie, 3 Idiots. He said that if a friend fails then you are hurt a little. But if your friend scores better than you than it hurts more. I’m saying this because today my result of the PGDM was announced. Although I scored well but my good friends scored better than me. But don’t think that I got more hurt. It’s not like that. I’m happy of what I got. Actually I’m satisfied. You must be confused with my satisfaction and the opening line. I just wanted to know the thing. I’m satisfied because I got fairly good marks. Although, it was less than my expectation but its good.  And satisfaction is the key to the happiness. If a person is satisfied with what he has got, then he leads a happy life. This is what I feel. Obviously, many of my readers will not agree with me on this thought. They may be thinking that satisfaction kills the competition. It’s true that when satisfaction is there then you won’t have competition with anyone. And if you are in competition then you are not satisfied. It’s all the vice versa. Ah! Don’t get confused. You may be thinking that I’m talking something abstract. I think we can have a discussion on this in my coming posts. So if anyone of you want to say anything then do write it in the comment box. But do write your name so that I should know the person to whom I’m addressing. 

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Anonymous said...

yes i think competition kills satisfaction...and if you r not satisfy you won't be the same time we should also remember actually we r doing everything to be happy in our life...there is no point of getting sad for being better to be satisfied with whatever you have...i appreciate you for this kind thinking... you should come up with this kind of new thoughts..

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