Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 219

Internet has made our life easier. I know that everyone would say numerous things about the advantages and disadvantages about internet. But this is only one side. Internet has one dark side also. The dark side is cyber crime. The crime done on internet is known as cyber crime. The most commonly or the most notorious name of cyber crime is Hacking. The hackers are hacking anything and everything available on the internet. Their style of working is different. All of them do this for money or some other destructive work. Fortnight ago, I was watching a Hollywood movie. In that movie, it was shown that the hackers have invaded every government organisation. One of the hackers was arrested by the police then other hackers hacked the traffic control system of the city to create the chaos. Although it was shown in the movie but just imagine what would happen if such things happens in reality.
But in reality, the hackers are hacking the servers of defence departments of the governments around the globe. Many countries are interested in getting the information about the defence secrets of the enemy countries. Hackers are not only attacking the server of the defence department only. Their targets are other major departments also. Most of the hackers are interested in attacking individuals for their bank account details. Some fraudsters send lucrative mails to individuals asking for the bank account details. After getting the information the fraudsters do financial frauds and the innocent person is trapped.
It’s not like that the government isn’t doing anything to stop all this things. New cyber laws are being framed. But all the laws are made within a country. And hacker shouldn’t belong to the same country. Sometimes it becomes to tough to trace the origin of the tracer that it become tough to put the hand on the hacker. Internet is a thing which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. So in my view, international cyber laws should be made and the governments should work in efficient coordination to prevent the cyber crimes. 

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