Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 216

One more day passed by. A night is passing slowly to make the way for another day to come. You people might be thinking that I have become a bit poetic. But I’m not a poet. I’m a simple man with few tastes. I do like to read poems but that’s a rare phenomenon. Usually, I like to read books. If I say that I like to read novels then it’s not a lie. I like fiction novels. But I have found very little books that attract me towards them. I have read approximately more than three quarters novels of Mr Sidney Sheldon. There were few novels whose name I have forgotten. And of course, I could forget Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A perfect and immortal writer and his immortal character, Sherlock Holmes.
Don’t get confused. I know that for the last couple of days I’m writing about corruption and other things. And now, I’m talking about literature. Actually, today I thought to write about my reading taste. So, I’m writing it now. I have read one novel of Mr Jeffrey Archer. The name of that novel was Kane and Able. I liked that novel very much. There are few books which I’m tired of reading again and again. The Godfather written by Mr Mario Puzzo is one of them. The Godfather is number one in my favourite list. Actually, accidently I started reading that book. I tried to borrow that book from one of my friends. But he refused. A thrust to complete that novel came in my mind. Soon, I purchased that book and finished it in three days. After that, I have read it six times. But every time, I feel that I’m reading for the first time.
It’s not like I have read novels of foreign writers. I have read many short stories of Mr Ruskin Bond. Mr Bond has got a very simple and interesting style of writing. I have read couple of novels by Mr Chetan Bhagat. Actually, whenever I read the novels of above mentioned writers, then I got myself transformed in to a world where all the things are passing in front my eyes. Still I’m my thirst of reading good books isn’t over. I need suggestions from your side regarding the good books. 

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