Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 222

I know that I’m late today. But I think it’s manageable. Actually I become a bit lazy when I’m at home. It’s not like that I have the privilege to wake up late in the morning. I was talking about being writing posts on my blog. Well I was going through the news. My attention was caught by the manifesto of BJP for the UP assembly elections. It said that the BJP will construct the Ram temple if they are voted to power. I think they are making themselves away from being coming in to power. The Ram temple and Babri mosque issue is a 20 years old affair. Majority of the voting population is the generation which was born during that time or was born after that. They are least bother whether the temple is being constructed or not. I agree that Lord Ram is associated with every Hindu in the country. But when the country and the state are not in the good shape, then what’s the use of this manifesto. The generation which has seen the whole scenario 20 years ago, is now completely least bothered about this. In my view, the BJP should focus on the job creation as they have stated in the manifesto. They should have mentioned to improve the state where it’s lagging. It’s not only with the UP, but the thing is with the entire country. When the entire country and UP is in the grip of corruption, BJP should do some positive work to drive the corruption out of the country. 

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Mrinmoy said...

I also feel that any political party should be more focused on the improvement of states or country rather focusing on any particular communal issues.. But at the same time i also feel that most of them just want to come to power to earn more money.They are least bothered about the improvement of our country.

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