Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 211

Today morning, I was reading the headlines of the newspaper. One news article caught my attention. It was about the mismanagement of the food in India. According to the news article, around 230 million Indians are going to bed hungry. That’s approximately 18.4% of the total Indian population. How can we call ourselves as the emerging economic superpower when 230 million Indians are not having access to the food? Food is the essential item of any human being. The entire world is acknowledging India’s economic growth. We proudly say that Indians are the best in every field whether it is engineers, doctors, scientists or any other field. But still many people in India are starving because of the inability to have the food. And we are behind our neighbour, Pakistan in the hunger management index, in this respect. Many small countries are better than us in that.
That’s the thing which really keeps me astonished that many countries smaller in size in comparison to India are much ahead of in many terms like Human Resource Index, Per Capita Income, maintained of Law and Order, Cleanliness and many other areas. Whenever I ask this question to myself or whenever I do some mind storming for the answer then I get only one answer. It’s the failure of entire governmental policies and lack of will power of us, the Indians. Whenever these things are brought up for the discussion then we began to blame the system. Everyone wants the system to be clean but no body wants to clean the system. Until we change the things within us, we can’t change anything.

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Mrinmoy said...

I do agree with you dude...We should not only blame our politicians..We should also be blamed for this kind of situation..Yes we the people of India are responsible for this..I think there is no scarcity of food in our country..It is full of natural resources..
Have we ever thought about the amount of food we waste..Most of us waste some amount of food every day.We don't mind it.We just think this little amount of food which we waste knowingly or unknowingly won't have any impact on our society.But it's the country of 1.2 billion now we can estimate the accumulated waste of food that we do..So 1st of all we need to change..We have to consume r8 amount of food without wasting it..

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