Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 218

According to me, music is the superb stress buster. Just now, I wasn’t getting any idea about what to write today. I was downsizing the topic from various topics which were in my mind. My room partner, Ambica was doing something on his laptop. I was unsuccessful in deciding the topic so I lay down on my bed. Ambica suddenly started playing piano on his laptop. He has a software stall in his laptop through which he plays piano sometimes. He was just playing that. He is an amateur player because he doesn’t know how to play the piano. But whatever he was playing, I found that to be very soothing for my ears. Ambica played for about ten minutes. And I got distressed completely. And finally I decided to write this post. Sometimes, something absurd leads to creativity. Same thing happened to me just now.
Actually one of my professors also says that whatever sounds absurd today may be a successful thing in future. My professor is teaching us a subject on innovations. Well, my professor is very experienced teacher which I have got. His teaching style is so good that I always feel motivated in his class. He motivates us in very positive manner. His name is Dr Sanjay Saxena. He has got a lot of experience and academic knowledge under his belt. He is very soft spoken and is very kind. Well in today’s class itself, he told us that many of the successful things which had happened in this world were absurd in the starting. I really admire my teacher.  

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