Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 205

I’m not surprised to see no comments on my last blog. But I’m disappointed to know that nobody wants me to improve my writing skills. Many friends of mine have promised me that they will give comments on my blog. Many of them have praised me for my efforts to write. But I think they have forgotten all their promises or they might be making me a fool. I’m very much hurt now. But never mind, I should not let my spirit of writing to go down like this. My irregularity in writing was hampered by many reasons. Having low spirit to write is one of them. But in this year, I have to change this habit of mine. Then only I’ll be a constant writer.
These days I’m thinking about on which topic I have to write on. For this, I have to do many things. But my main concern is that on which topic to write. Basically the problem is that high content of any reading article or constantly writing of different articles on the same topic or same category makes reading a hell. Readers always get distracted. I don’t want that to happen to my readers. So if you people have any suggestions then do write comments. 

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Mrinmoy said...

My dear friend don't be so pessimist.be optimist..you write your blog in a way that nobody wants to spend a single minute writing comment on your blog..They just want to read your blog again and again and again...and they just forget to comment on it...so keep on writing and don't think that no one is reading your blog.. :-)

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