Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 207

Well today, I have got a beautiful experience to share with you people. It happened with me on December 26, 2011. It was one of the most memorable days of life. I’m not going to forget what had happened that day.  I spend a quality of good time with someone special of my life. We were in a shopping mall. We had a plan of watching a movie. I bought the ticket for the time which suited her most. Then we had a cup of coffee. To kill the time we did some window shopping. Suddenly, I got the idea of buying a teddy bear for her. I took her to the store where I remembered the collection of teddy bears was kept. I told her thrice to choose a teddy bear. I just told her that she has to put her hand on the teddy bear she like most and that teddy bear will be hers. She kept her hand on me and said that she wants me. The smile on her face told that she needed me. The light of her eyes were so attractive that I found myself lost in her eyes. We went to have our lunch. I felt very happy when I feed her the first bite from her plate. Actually it gave me immense pleasure. I think its tough to explain in word. The feeling and the joy. After lunch, we went to watch the movie as the show time was there. While watching the movie, I held her hand. Ah! That was something awesome. Holding the hand the love of my life and watching the movie. Well, I’m not feeling guilty in accepting that my attention was more on her face rather than on the screen. I was having the side look of her face. She was enjoying the movie and I was enjoying the smile of her face. On few occasions she laughed and my heart skipped the beat. Its not wrong that I’m not finding the appropriate words to describe those feelings. Of course, some feelings are not to be meant to be described in words. Those feelings are meant to be felt. And after the movie, she has to rush to her home. The way she said bye was just awesome. I really loved that. But it was less than I love her.  But one thing is sure. My heart wants to meet her again and again. Hope so that I meet her soon. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks frnd for sharing such an interesting experience of you..and u present it like a professional writer...for some time it seems to me that i m reading a novel written by Chetan Bhagat.. ..great job dude..

sumit sinha said...

Mrinmoy, don't try to hide your identity. I really appreciate your feedback. But I'm not a professional writer as you are saying. I wrote all the things in the simplest manner in which I could write. Its your kindness and generosity that you have compared me with Chetan Bhagat. Well, I'm an admirer of Chetan Bhagat but I think it will take a long time for me to be like him. He is really genius in his writing.
Anyway, thanks for encouraging me to write in the right direction.

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