Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 223

Mrinmoy, my friend, I agree with you on your comment on my last post. Actually that’s the catch with the Indian politics. Indian politicians are least concerned about the development of the country. They always talk about uniting the country but when the election time comes then do politics based on the caste, language and region. All the major political parties will say that India will develop only when we will leave caste and regionalism at one side. But in every election, whether it’s the general election or the state assembly election, they have put the candidates based on the caste scenario of the constituency. Big promises are being made at every rally but all are being forgotten as soon as the leaders leaves the constituency in their charted choppers. If the politicians are really worried about the development  of the country then why the millions of villages are without electricity, water, road, proper hospitals and education? Politicians will blame each others in the Lok Sabha and the state assemblies for the negligence. But when they will come to the power they will do the same thing. The time has changed to show that the public can’t be bluffed any more.

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Mrinmoy said...

So what do you think about the current political system where PROMISES get rewarded not the actual WORK..What can be done in order to change this situation...???

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