Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 224

Sorry for not writing yesterday. Well, I’m still feeling unwell but yesterday my condition was much worse yesterday. Well, I thought to write today just for the sake of writing. I know if I’ll take a break of couple of days to recover till then my writing habit will go away. That’s the thing I don’t want. At least, this time I’m serious about my promise. I’m not a politician.
Well, I remembered my last blog and the comment on that. Today my idea is to write about that only. Well I have the probable solution for my friend’s question. It’s true that in Indian politics, the election time is most crucial time for all political parties. All the major parties wants to form their own government so they play the caste, language, religion and various other cards to attract the voters. It’s true that voters cast their vote to those who made big promises but the voter has to think about the development also. Many constituencies are there in India which is considered as fixed for the political heavyweights. Actually every person is being affected by the negligence of the elected representatives. So little percentage of the voters didn’t turn up to polling stations. They think that it’s their way of rejection. But they forget one thing that others are casting their votes. And democracy is the game of numbers. The candidate getting the maximum votes makes his or her way to the Lok Sabha or the state assembly.
I think there should be few change in the election process as well as Indian constitution. The Indian constitution gives the right to choose to the Indian citizens in elections. Now the provision or the law should be made about the right to reject. If the voter is not pleased with any of the candidates in the given names of candidates, then he must have the right to reject all of them. I think that is the way through which the Indian politicians will learn that the elections can’t be won just on the promises. They have to work hard if they want to win the election. 

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