Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 27

Last two days have been full of dramatic scenes in the Indian Aviation Industry. Jet Airways led by Mr Naresh Goyal terminated 1900 staffs from the services. He gave reason that the tough time in the economy is the main reason of the termination. And one of the top executive in the management said that due to this termination Jet Airways will save Rs 5 crores per month. But they forgot that this act is going to hit the bad situation of the Indian economy very badly. The economy is still not recovering from the global turn down. Indian banks have suffered loss of Rs 400 crores due to this global economic downfall. And the sacking of 1900 staff from the Jet Airways was going to hit it more badly. Many employess have taken loans to buy flats, cars and many other things. They have taken long term loans on the basis of their salaries. So without earning, they would have become defaulters as they were not been able to pay back the loans. Now this was really going to hit the Indian economy in very bad manner. But yesterday, in a breif press conference, Mr Goyal took back the termination order. I think that he has taken a nice decision. In business, sometimes it happens that the decision of sacking the employess comes to cut down the size of the working staff to save money. But I think its not wise to take decision of such a mass sacking when the whole economy is not good. Now if Mr Goyal hasn't taken back this decision then really there would have more loss. Many people who were ransacked were the freshers also. They got their termination letter before getting the confirmation letter about their job. But now it seems that the new decision must have put a little smile on their faces. But now they are having doubt in their minds that whether their job is really secure or not? But one think I am unable to understand. What was the real motto of Mr Goyal. He takes decision of saking 1900 staffs of various designation out of 13000 staff working in Jet Airways. And the next day he call a press conference to tell that the termination order has been cancelled. Now my question is that what was the use of doing all this things when he was not going to terminate the services of any of his staff? Why he did like that? Now the workers will work with unsurity in their minds that they would sacked anytime. And now this is going to affect the healthy work culture in Jet Airways.

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