Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 17

Tata Motors is now rolling out of Singur now. And Mr Ratan Tata has blamed Ms Mamata Banerjee for this. She was doing all the protests from the starting for the return of the lands to the farmers. It was farmlands which was taken by the West Bengal government. But she forgot that in starting of this year ie on Jan 18, 2008 Calcutta High Court said the land acquisition in the Singur was legal. Now when the High Court has given its verdict then why was Mamata Banerjee creating so much drama. Did she moved to the Supreme Court against this order? I don't remember that she has done anything like that. Then she was going against the law. Since the January 2007, there are few incidences of violance at the factory of Tata Motors. What is this now? If the taking of farmland for industrial use was wrong then why did Calcutta High Court said that it was legal? This means that Mamata Banerjee was using this project as a political stage to regain her lost political image and publicity. If it is not like that then why didn't she went to the Supreme Court for the rightful return of the land to the farmers? I think that would have helped her a lot in every term. She would have got more publicity and popularity what she is getting now and in the positive sense too. Right now, she has become a villian for the investors thinking to invest in West Bengal. Ratan Tata is moving from Singur will all the vendors of Nano. And this is a very costly decision. In terms of money and everything. This means that Tata has to make new factory somewhere else and has to keep all his vendors near his plant to cut cost of distribution to keep the cost in control. And Tata has to settle the families of his vendors to a new place. If this is going to happen everywhere then what will be the impact on the business? We should make a middle path for the co existence for both. Indutries and agriculture. We can't progress on any one of them. We need both of them. And due to the increasing population, we are having load on agriculture to meet the requirement of the food. And without industrial growth and progress we can't have much money to do anything. But this politicians will look for their political benefits instead of thinking about the problems like this. They are more worried about their political affairs and gains than they are worried about the progress of the country and welfare of the people.

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