Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 24

Sometimes, I just think about the various stages of human life. When a baby is born, then the baby becomes the centre stage of attraction for everyone. Till the age of 4 to 5 years the baby is the source of amusement and entertainment. All the elders shower their love and affection to the child. The innocence and cuteness on their faces is just creates a smile on our face. We forget all our tensions and worries when we have small children playing with us. Their smile makes us relax and gives a reason to forget all our tensions. And when they speak in their unclear and stammering voices then we are bound to smile at them. Their actions are more than their words. And we really enjoy their naughty actions. As a matter of fact, we are just searching our childhood in them. But the childhood is the best part of human life. No worries and free from tensions. Then the next stage is the teen age, the adolscence. An age where we have some revolting nature. Revolting from everything. Not ready to accept all the rules just like that. Then comes the time to join some graduation course. We make new friends and then we make plans to win the world. Then after graduation, we get into jobs. Now responsibilities comes on our shoulders. Till yesterday, we were enjoying life. Wasn't having much pressure on us. But now the life changes and we are thinking about life. Then we get married one day. A new life comes into our life to stay there with us. A new relation takes place. Gradually we move on in life as well our age. Then our children are there. We remember our time when we were kids like them. Then we realise that how was the life at that time and now as parents how our life is. Gradually we move on to old age. We don't have active life anymore. Just stay in the home. Generally, the old age is said to be the evening of the life. We began to think that what we did in our whole life. We only have memories with us. Sweet and bad both. I don't know what's happening to me? I am just getting sentimental sometimes. Not getting any feed back yet. So feeling a bit low. That's why writing whatever is coming to my mind.

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