Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 26

Few time back, I was watching a movie. The name of the movie was "Namaste London". In one scene, in that movie, Akshay Kumar, describes the good qualities of India. He talks about the brain and man power of Inida. But one question is still haunting me. If we are so much self sufficient then why are we still a developing nation. We got our political independence 61 years ago but still we are a developing nation. If we have so much of brain and man power then why aren't we in the front line of the developed nations? If we are having the third largest army in the world then why aren't we able to stop the cross-border infiltration of terrorists in our country? When we got independence, then the King of Kashmir at that time, merged the whole Kashmir in the Union of India. But what is the situation today? One third of the Kashmir has been occupied by China and another One third of Kashmir is occupied by Pakistan. And we are left with the remaining part. If the international borders shown in all the maps shows the whole Kashmir in the Union of India then why are we having just One third of the full area? Why do our army is sitting at the Line of Control from both the side instead of being posted at the real International Border? If we have the whole Kashmir then why can't we have ot through military operation? We are going to have our own land being illegally occupied by others. And if we have so much brain power then why they are settled in abroad? Why aren't they making India much more advance as they are making other countries advance? All the western countries are making so much of development due to Indian scientists, doctors and engineers but it sad to say that these people are not thinking or to say appropriately they are not willing to work in India. In India, they have more work oppurtunity to work in their respective fields. But all the sharp brain people are worried about money. They are not worried to work in those places where they have more oppurtunity to work. In India, still there is more requirement of doctors and engineers but we don't have much of them. Still there are many places where there is no doctor but doctors are interested in going to abroad instead of going to those places where they are needed more. Its so sad to know that our sharp minds are working for different people. Its like our bright and illuminous lamps are giving light to some other houses and our own house is in darkness. What a pity? This is the main reason which is not making us a developed nation. Still we are having a tag of developing country. People who goes to foreign coutries to work praises about the infrastructure and all those things but the engineers are not ready to do that in India itself. Its time to do something unitedly for the country. After all, we have got so much things here. The knowledge on which we are being offered fat salaries and perks, we got that knowlege in India only. Why we are going out then? Just for money? Thats the difference in thought. The people who are giving fat salaries and perks are in return exploting the sharp minds. The bright people are nothing but workers for them. Just workers. Pay them the money and get manifold more from these people. And there are few mad people and blind people who can't see and think about this. They are only seeing the money. What a same? The place where you got your education, where you have learned everything becomes bad for you. This is really disqusting.

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