Friday, October 3, 2008

Day 16

Why it happens that the you don't get the first love of your life? I mean to say when you love some one more than you love yourself. You want to make her a part of your life and want to become a part of her life. Then where does things goes wrong? At which point, this relationship breaks and you get pain? I think that happens due to mismatch of time. This is not the only reason of the break up but surely it is one of the reasons. Many times break up happens due to differences of thoughts. This is the major reason. But once the break up is there then starts the game of blame. But I am not thinking about post break up. I am thinking about the reasons of break up. Why it happens? But one thing is sure that this is the most paining thing in any relationship. The point of time after which you are not going to meet that person. You just miss that person. And life sometimes becomes very tough. The memories of the broken relationship or the person who has left you haunts you everytime. Then sad mood and depression gets around you and makes you feel more lonely. Few people are there who get out of all this things very soon but most of them can't. They need support of something or someone else. Love and trust are the two relations which are based on faith. And when this faith is not there then the relationship also gets vanished in the thin air. And its more in the case of Love. You try your best to convince the person you loved to come back in your life. You ask for forgiveness and promise to change yourself. But once the faith is gone, its very tough to believe also. And sometimes when you are right also then also you leave all your ego and bow down because you love that person. In some corner of your heart the love for that person is still there. And when you get to know that the person is not interested then you get more pain and you decide that you will not talk to that person again. But why this happens? Why we get so much of pain? Why we think that we don't have any motive left? Why we feel so much depressed? These are the questions which needs answer and I'm unable to answer these questions. It doesn't matter that how many times I have tried to get the answer but still I am searching for the answer. May be this is called Life. I know that my thoughts might sound like something philosophical but I think that this is the way in which our life goes on. Being seperated from someone and getting close to someone else. That's a part of our life. Pain and pleasure are the two sides of the same coin. Sometimes its very difficult to understand own's emotions. After all, a human being is nothing more than a bundle of emotions.

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