Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 28

In the year 1989, a little star was born in the Indian Cricket. By his shots and playing style very soon he became favorite of all the Indians. Today his image is much bigger than his height. We know him by the name SACHIN TENDULKAR. Tendulkar is the man who has been always a centrestage of attraction for all the Indians whenever he is standing at the pitch. Now he has become the highest scorer in the Test matches. He is already the highest scorer in One Day matches. Tendulkar has been the match winner for India in countless matches. Few people know the fact that Tendulkar is the man who plays not for himself or for making records. He plays for India and his team. He gets hurt very much when India lose any match. It dosen't matter that whether he scored century in that match. He always motivates others to play well. And he is the god, idol, inspirer and whatever you want to name it, for the cricketers in India. Every young cricketer wants to become Sachin Tendulkar. Everyone prays and wish that he stays there at the pitch till the end of the inning when Sachin is batting. And all wants him to knock every ball which he plays beyond the boundary line. And he has played every bowler with ease whether it is fast delivery of Shohaib Akhtar or the delivery of Sharne Warne. Even late Sir Don Bradman once said that he likes the batting style of Sachin Tendulkar very much. After breaking the record of Brian Lara in Test Matches, Tendulkar has showed that still he wants to play more cricket in coming time. I wish that he continues to play like this for a couple of more years. It is hard to believe that he has spend 19 years in cricket. It seems that still a lot of cricket is left in him. May Sachin rocks likes this more in the coming time.

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