Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 23

I wasn't able to write anything yesterday. I have tried a lot but wasn't getting any words to express my thoughts. Well I was thinking about the changing relationship and the changing defination of the relationship. As we are going ahead the definations of the realtionship is also changing. Whether it is friendship, official relationship with others. Same is true in the marraige also. Previously, having extra martial affair was something different. It was considered as a sin and it was one of the strong reasons for divorce also. But now, it is not so. Having extra martial relationship has become a social activity for some people in high socities or in the working class of our society, who are working in metro cities. Few people are there who are advocating that to get rid of the monotonus of the marraige life, they are having this type of affairs. Few people are having threesome affairs and few are having exchange of partners for having sexual satisfaction. Now here comes a question in my mind. And the question is that why we are having migratory mentality? Instead of solving the differences between a husband and a wife, why the hell they are going out to have sexual pleasure? And the husband is allowing wife to have that and wife is allowing her husband to have sexual relationship with other women. Is this right? If this has to be done, then what is the use of marraige? Anyone can have this type of relationship with anyone. There is no need of doing all the formalities of marrying someone and enjoying with someone else. Instead of solving their personal differences which is creating monotonus lives of husband and wife, both of them are searching for someone else for threesome or group relationship. Personally I don't approve these types of relationships. If you have any problem in your house then its not logical to migrate from that problem instead of solving that. And I don't think that its advisable also. If you have any problem with your near and dear ones then solve it instead of searching the same love in some one from outside? This is not the way to get relaxation. Having problem in the house and searching peace outside. This is nothing else than escapism. When you don't have the capacity to solve the problem then rush to some where else. And these type of relationships which is growing in our society is not a healthy one. This is what I beleive. This might be common in foreign countries but its really very uncommon and still unthikable in small towns of India. I am not going to say same old think of tradition and all the things because many people who are having these type of affairs are themselves techies and are good professionals. Is this type of relationship going to help our society or is it going to corrupt our society? I don't think this type of relationship is going to do something better for us. If this relationship is better then what is the use to marry? We can have this type of emotional and sexual relatioship like that also. Because there are still many people who don't approve this relationship at all. And this type of relationship is a common thing in western countries. But it is not necessary that it is good for us also. Sometimes a thing is good for someone then its not necessary that it will be good for someone else also.

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