Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 31

Its really sad to read the newspaper now. The Biharis who have been beaten up in Mumbai are now damaging their home now. Burning rail coches and railway property in Bihar is not the proper way to display the anger. This anger should be directed towards the cause of all these distruptions. The studens who have come back here should have shown this anger at Mumbai itself. If the destroy is to be made then it should be not at your own home. This is not a wise and logical think to damage the goods in your house when you have been beaten up on the road. You should have shown your anger there at the road at that time. If you are damaging the goods in your home to show your anger then you are a fool. You didn't reacted at the time when the wrong was being done to you and now the time has passed you are showing your anger and that too in your home. You are creating problem for your family memebers. Same thing is with the people who have just returned from Mumbai. They should have raised their voice at that time only but they are damaging the things in Bihar itself. This is not a good thing. Infact the Biharis are the loser in this. Many Biharis are coming back to their home in this festive season. Now they are having problem in that. Many trains coming to Bihar from all over the country is now being cancelled due to the ongoing protests. So we have to act wisely now. Instead of damaging your own house, go and damage the property of the person who has done to you.

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