Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 20

Well, today I was thinking about the deisre. Desire of a human being. And I don't think that this is having any end. Its like the universe in which we are living. No boundaries and not sure about the origin. But sure about that its there. Desire is a motivational force. Sometimes it leads to constructive side and sometimes on the destructive side. But one thing is wondering me. Actually its a question about desire. Is desire a feeling? Or is it something else? If this is a feeling then why we get so much motivated by this that we began to do some work? If it is something else then what exactly it is? A story is flashing in my memory. Its from the Ramayana. Ravana was keeping Sita at the Ashoka Vatika after kidnapping her. Every day, he use to go and persue Sita to forget Rama and marry him. But he got refusal everyday. Ravana's loyal wife, Mandodari, was also not likeing this. But she was a loyal wife of Ravana. She even didn't liked that Ravana has kidnapped Sita. Mandodari was displeased to know this that everyday Ravana was going to look Sita and to propose her. But Mandodari wasn't able to say something to Ravana. Then one day, she told Ravana about a boon which Ravana was having from Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva has given Ravana a boon that he can disquise himself in any form he wanted. Mandodari advised Ravana that why isn't he disquising himself as Rama and going in front of Sita. Ravana replied that he has tried that also but whenever he disquise himself as Rama, then all the desires leaves him. This is the affect of desire which changes the person from others. So I was thinking that what exactly is a desire? Sometimes we desire that we would be the most powerful man in the world? I would be known to each and everyone in this world. Sometimes our desire changes according to what we see in the movies. We also desire to do the good things which we have seen in the last movie. Few people are there who desire to do the bad things also. And this list will go on and on as there is no end to the desire so there is no end to this list also. If desire is a feeling then why is it so strong that we get so much motivated? What's the difference between desire and other feelings? Getting thirsty or hungry is also a feeling but sometimes we ignore this feeling. So why can't this happen with desire also? Why can't we supress our desire every time? Most of the time it happens that we can't supress our desires. Is there any one who can help me understand what desire is?

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