Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 19

There is a nice idea about generating electricity from the human wastes. And it's a nice idea to discuss about. Now let me discuss the idea of generating electricity from the human wastes with you. With the increasing population of the world, the demand for electricity is also increasing. And we are looking for alternative sources of fuels to generate electricity as we know that the fossi fuels are not going to last long. Although gobar gas plant in the rural part of India is been promoted with huge subsidies from the government is not a great success due to the unwillingness of the Indian workers to maintain that properly. But in America and few other countries uses the pig litters to generate electricity. According to the article, the world's seven billion population produces 140 million tonnes of faeces every day and 25 per cent of this has the potential power to produce roughly 100,000 MW of energy. Just think about the amount of energy if the 100 per cent of the total faeces is been used. According to the article, in India, which has one seventh of the world's population, can generate over 12,000 MW or it can add almost 12 per cent of its sluggish power generation capacity. Now that's a big deal. In this project, the process is very simple and similar to the gobar gas plant. The process is that the waste is first collected and fed into a silo from where it is pumped into a large closed tank where it is simply stirred with electric paddles with a little water and air. Methane gas is produced due to the enzymes, acids and other things and then it leaves an almost odourless slurry which can be used as rich fertiliser. Methane gas can be used as fuel but still large quantities are difficult to store like electricity. This was all written in the article with few more examples of foreign countries were this type of practise is been used to generate electricity. Now come to the point, which I want to discuss. We can use this process to genreate electricity. Electricity is the one of the basic thing which we need very desperately. Still in the majority of the villages and small towns, we don't have the regular supply of electricity. And in this project, the investment cost very low. The fuel cost is negligible. And the sale of this type of power is much more profitable than that of the fossil fuels. But in India, there is a big question. Will the state electricity boards buy this type of power? Although this will be a good deal for them also. What we need is the active participations of the wanna be enterpreneurs and the workers, who will work in these type of projects. If we can generate the electricity from this then we can give a very good and cheap alternative to the electricity boards who are having shortage of the power for the distribution. But we need to find out the right workers to do the work and the right place to construct the public toilets designed to efficiently collect the waste. But the important thing to keep in mind is that the Entrepreneurs and workers should not make the whole project like the gobar gas plant. And there must be some encouragement from the government side also like they have shown in the gobar gas plant. We are not going to have shortage of fuel in this. What we need is the proper management, proper maintainance and proper support from the government. Then we can have additional production of electricity from the wastes. After all, we have to look beyond fossil fuels, solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy and nuclear energy. I think that this project is very cheap with respect to all above mentioned energies. So its time for the people, who want to become Entrepreneurs, to take interest in this project. This project can give more returns than the investements. So the margin of profit is also high. So in my view, this is a good deal. A nice project to start where we can earn more money with less input. And we can remove the peoblem of electricity to some extent also.

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