Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 15

What's happening in our country? Everywhere blasts and blasts. Now the bomb blasts are taking place in North East also. What's this? Why these bomb blasts are taking place during festive seasons? What is the intention of these terrorists who are doing all these things? And the intelligence agencies are warning the police of every state now about the possible terrorists attacks and the poosible bomb blasts. But still the police and other agencies are waitng for the blasts to happen and innocent people getting killed. Till when this type of late reaction of police will continue? Till when innocent people will loose their lives for the negligence of the government and the police? Its really sad to read newspapers now a days. Every paper is having the coverage of blasts and stampedes only. Why a human is killing another human? What is the gain in this? I just pray that those who are deviated to these terrorists activities, may they surrender soon and began to lead a normal life. There is no use of killing another human being. There is no gain in that. I pray that may peace last long on this earth. Its very sad to see so many people dieing everywhere.

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