Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 30

It's ridiculous to see that Raj Thakeray is treating like the whole Maharashtra belongs to him only. He thinks that whatever he says and whatever he do will be the rule in the Maharashtra. Due to his ideology, a innocent man from Bihar was killed when the people from his party went to disturb the ongoing exam of the Railyway Recruitment Board. Does Raj Thakeray thinks that he is above law? Does he thinks that whatever he wants to do on his will then it will be accepted? And just see the courage in this mad person. He is openly challenging the Maharashtra government that if he is arrested then the whole Maharashtra will burn. Now what the hell is this? This is the open challenge to the state government. In my view people like Raj Thackeray should be put in jail and should be awarded life imprisonment. It better the people like him should be hanged till death. Because people like him are are dividing the country on the basis of language, caste, religion and state wise. There are few politicians like Raj Thakeray who are dividing the country for their personal benefits. Raj Thakeray used to say that he is doing all the things for the people of Maharashtra but now he is threathing to burn the whole Maharashtra after being arrested. Now he is taking double standard. At one hand he is sending the north Indians out of Mumbai for the Maharashtrian only. And on the other hand he is threatning to burn the Maharashtra on his arrest. Now he is keeping himself above the state. His men will damage the public and private property of the people of Maharashtra. Any place is made more good by the construction work taken place there not by the destruction. Now Raj Thackeray wants to destroy the Maharashtra for his personal safety. This is very sad to see that a person is keeping himself and his personal interests above a state. People like should be killed in front of the public so that there will be lesson for those who wants to divide the country like this.

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