Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 32

Which relationship you think is the most important one in your life? The relationship with your parents, relationship with your friends, relationshiop with your love, relationship with your love, relationship with your wife, relationship with your colleagues. Which one is the important one? All the above mentioned relations are in the same order in which they comes in our life. In my view all the relations are important ones. Actually, in my view, they are not the relationships. All the above named relations are nothing more than just necessities. It may sound something scrap or something unheard of or unthinkable thought. You may think that what the hell I am talking about. You may also think that how can a relationship becomes necessity? Well don't be so much amazed. Well when you need someone near you to take care of you and your feelings then at that time you have your family members with you. After your family members you have another group of people, who are like minded with of yours. You share your feelings and secrets which you can't do with your family members. You go for hang outs with friends and many times you do many things in friendship. When you are in work then you have collouges with you. They again are your necessisity. You need them to be with you to complete the projects and assingments in the office. Whenever you are not satisfied with your job or you have some differences with your boss then you discuss and complaint about all this things with your collouges only. Generally, people use to meet someone of opposite sex and soon they start to think more and more about that special person. It happens nearly with all of us. Then people began to meet that person more and more. Then taht person becomes very special for you. You share your personal feelings with that person. Then gradually you decide to make that person a special oart of ur life and you want to become a special part of that person's life. And I say that this is again a need, a desire. So you can say that all the important relationships are thee to fulfill your desires and needs. No one can have all the things from one single relationship and neither by breaking any of these relationships. Each and every relationship has its own importance. No one can say that any particular relationship is not important for him or her. Maintaing a perfect balance in all these relations makes a person happy one. And whenever there is an imbalance in between these relations then the person is always restless which leads to tension and happiness. All these relations are there to satisfy your need. If you think that these relations are not your necessisties but really are the strong bond between you and your relative then think once again. That person and you are satisfing some need or desire of each other.

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