Friday, October 10, 2008

Day 22

What is happening these days? Suddenly I am feeling that I am running out of ideas. Till now, writing on the blog has become an one sided affair. Only I am going on writing and getting no comments. I mean that comments are the sort of feedback for me. If I will not get any feedback then how I'll come to know about that what improvement or modification I have to make. I have posted some important issues also but still no one cares for that. I don't even know that how many people has read that. And if someone has read that but still no body cares to write a couple of lines. The comments are important to know about my performance. It will help me to know about my drawbacks and it will help me to improve my writting style. Without having any feed back, I am losing the interest to write also. Its like you have prepared something but there is no one who can give you a pat on the back, or give you few suggestions, or will say that there are few drawbacks which should be taken out to make your presentation more interesting and attractive. Same thing is there with me. I am very much eager to know about your view. What you think about the posts which I am writing daily? The topics on which I am writing? Anythink which you want to comment on. Or rather if you want to critisize it then also I am interested to know that. I am curious to know about your thoughts. So now on wards write your comments also. It will be a helping jand for me which I need to go ahead. Without your support I don't think that I can move forward.

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