Sunday, December 14, 2008

Day 60

Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of the Parliament attack. In 2001, on the same date few terrorists attacked the Indian Parliament. This attack was failed by the security forces present there. Unfortunately, we lost some brave soldiers. And its more painful that seven years down the lane, these politicians don't have proper time to pay respect to the brave soldiers who have died while protecting the same leaders. The same leaders were present in the Parliament when the terrorists attacked. But yesterday, not even one dozen politicians were present to pay tribute to those heros. Only the Prime Minister, Leader of opposition in Lok Sabha, Lok Sabha speaker and the Congress president were present there outside the Parliament to pay their tribute. We have more than 550 Members of Parliament. But this was the strength. And still then these politicians want us to vote for them. When these politicians are so insensitive then how can they expect us to elect them for another five years to the Lok Sabha and the state legislative assemblies? When the terrorists were attacking on the Parliament, Lok Sabha was in session and the leaders were taking shelter at whatever place they can find. But now, the same politicians are having no shame. They don't have any respect for the dead soldiers who have given their life for these politicians only. So now its time that we should act now. These politicians are not going to change. So why to chose them again if we are going to have the same attitude again for the next five years? And what's the gaurantee that these leaders will change this time? We have seen the protests across the country on the issue of reservation. Who is responsible for this? These leaders are more in their interest rather than the nation's interest. Do we need the leader who is least bother about us? When it comes to their security they want to have Z and Z+ but when it comes for the concern of the public they don't even shed a tear. How many politicians came forward to pay the respect for the innocent people killed in the recent attack in Mumbai? The victims of the bomb blasts in Ahmedabad and Delhi are the examples that none of the politicians went to share their sorrow. And if the politicians are really worried about the country then why the master mind of the Parliament attack, Afzal Guru, still alive? He has been awarded the capital punishment then why is he still enjoying a nice stay in the jail. None of the politicians is saying a word in this regard? Isn't the silence of the politicians causing a negative impact on the armed forces? It's the soldier of the Army who went to arrest Masood Azhar. Many of them died in that opertation. But what was the result of that? Masood Azhar is free now and he is living in Pakistan and it was his organisation which has sent the terrorists to the Mumbai. Now we don't need those politicians who made empty promises only. We want the leader who works for the country not for himself.

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