Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 56

Today again, I am going to write on one of the two topics which I am been writing for the last few days. And the second topic is the brain drain. Many of my friends are now working either in America or in Britain. And all of them are in constant touch with me by the means of mails, chatting and phone. And the main motive behind working there is just the money. Nothing else.
But one thing is disturbing me a lot. Actually, there is a question in my mind. And the question is that if you are working for the money only then you can work in India also. What is the use of going to foreign countries when you have the money in India also? Actually there is no need to make a developed country more developed when your own country is developing. The developed country are using the talented minds from India. They have got the intelligent people in their companies to work on a pay a bit less than compared to their own people. But the people from India are not ready to accept this fact that they are been under paid. And always they are taking the conversion rate into consideration. The amount which they are getting in foreign country then they are converting that into the Indian currency. And that's the main point which they are talking that they are earning more than what should they have got in India at the beginning of their career. But all the Indians working out in the foreign countries are forgetting that they are working on work permit issued to them by the government of that country. But it happens to very small percent of Indians working in different countries that the company in which they were working will do anything for them when it comes for the renewal of the work permit. And sometimes it happens that the service of a person is terminated in foreign country when his work permit gets terminated. And this happens with every three persons out of four persons inspite of the fact that all of them were working equally. So, why is this discrimination is done? And its a thing which should be an good example for those who think that their life is set in western country. Not exactly like you think. And Indians have a good quality in them. That's the spirit of "Never-say-Quit" spirit. But they use it at the wrong place. Instead of doing that in foreign country they should do this in India. When there are so many bright minded Indians doing miracles in foreign countries then why not in India? What is the use of going to foreign countries leaving behind your parents, your family and your friends? What is the use of so much money when your loved ones are not with you? You can just but the commodities available in market for them but not their happiness which happens due to your presence. Every day your family member wish that you are safe there. Because somewhere in their heart they accept this fact that you are in a stranger's land. But they don't say this because you might feel bad. And you are there just to make money only. But this can be done in India also. And here you will not feel that insecurity which is there like the expiry of the work permit and all other legal things related to immigrants. So its better to have some mental security while working than to earn more money and staying away from home. Your home needs you. So its good to come back soon.

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